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ZHIYUN MOLUS X100 100W Bi-Color LED Video Light

ZHIYUN MOLUS X100 100W Bi-Color LED Video Light

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x100-66MOLUS X100 is ready to upend your knowldge of COB lights. Thanks to the innovate cooling technology, the compact body enables professional power outpower, giving you the simplest and most efficient experience ever.

Pro Lighting in Hand
Weighing only 13.6 oz, the X100 brings you a brand-new lighting experience without cumbersome burdens.
DynaVort Cooling System
The X100 employs its DynaVort Cooling System consisting of gyroscope modeling heat sinks and FOC fans to prevent overheating. The DynaVort technology is based on the fluid dynamics and attitude-control algorithm, significantly raising the cooling efficiency through intelligent control over airflow emissions.
Adaptive Power Supply System
The adaptive integrated power supply system provides two charging solutions. You can power the light either with the supplied DC power adapter or an optional battery.
High CRI and TLCI
With a CRI of 95 and a TLCI of 97, the light renders accurate color.
Live Stream
Zhiyun helps you build your own professional live stream studio with lighter, smaller, yet brighter equipment, thwarting location restrictions while bringing up-to-date lighting effects.
Bluetooth for Efficient Remote Control
No more fear of complicated setups and crew shortage. The G60 supports Bluetooth mesh control via its app, letting you explore wireless possibilities.
ZY Mount Ecosystem
The ZY mount is designed for dedicated modifiers that are compatible with Bowens mounts, satisfying your needs for more fine-tuned effects.
Live Mode
The Live Mode allows you to turn on multiple lights at once, meeting the demands of a fast lighting setup for a one-man crew.
Music Mode
The recording function enables automatic lighting control along with music rhythm to create a special atmosphere.


  • Operation Voltage: DC 24V, PD≥9V
  • Operation Temperature: -10°-40°
  • Maximum Output Power: 100W
  • Cooling Method: Active Cooling
  • CRI: ≥ 95
  • TLCI: ≥ 97
  • Dimming Range: 0-100%
  • Illumiance(4300K/100% BRT/1m)
  • Product Size: 144.5 x 94 x 36.1mm
  • New Weight: 385g
  • CCT range: 2700K-6500K
  • PD input Power: ≥ 18W

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Love the portability of the light. It packs a punch for those interested in a minimal workflow.

TJ Fox

The molus X100 pro kit is hands down my most favorite pocket sized light and most versatile. It is light enough to mount onto anything with a super clamp or via it 1/4 20 screw mount location. The battery pack does make it a lot more versatile outside of a studio or home location. I have used this light in many different scenarios, from lighting a set for a friends YouTube video to lighting an on location portrait session. In all of these scenarios I’ve never had to go to 100% power. At max power, the battery life is not the best. So if I need to compensate, I’ll do so with a 1.2 or 1.4 aperture lens or just crank my ISO slightly.This kit comes with more than just a battery and the light, it also comes with a power source when using power is possible. It also comes with a softbox with the slim ZY mount and a bowens to ZY mount adapter. When I lit my friends video with this light, I used a 40” softbox with the Bowens mount adapters and it worked like a charm. These extra accessories makes all the difference when it comes to the versatility of this amazing little light.This light is small enough to fit in any bag and is significantly lighter than most full sized 60-100w bowens mount lights. It will be one of my favorite lights until Zhiyun comes out with the next best thing and even then it will still find its way into my bag.

Ryan Berardelli

Zhiyun has been on a trail of innovation with their latest light products, and this might be one of their best. The Molus X100 is a tiny 100w light, with a battery pack, and the ability to be powered from USB-C.This light is incredibly small, coming in smaller than my old 60W lights, but of course, a bit bigger than the G60 lights. I've got a couple of the G60 lights, and if you're in the market for more light power, this is an awesome upgrade. The X100 provides a detachable battery, that is able to power the light for a decent amount of time, depending on how bright it is. I've used it a few times to film for multiple hours, at around 30%. If you've got it at a higher brightness, it will last for less time, but I've been able to get by for most of my shoots on one single battery charge. IF you do run out of power, you can always plug in with the included power brick. The power brick is kind of big, like the one for the G60, but it's really not that bad considering you can velcro it halfway up a light stand or whatever.Build quality is awesome, with high quality metal and plastic - the battery attachment is super secure too, with the ability to easily hand-hold the light, using the battery as a grip. This can be extremely useful, making it possible to carry a 100w light on a mobile shoot with no power. Super sick. The grip is comfortable to hold, and the battery has some capacity indicators on it to let you know how much is left.The mount for the X100 is alright, with two 1/4-20 bolt holes at the bottom, allowing you to mount it to any normal tripod, or with a small ballhead. In this package configuration, you also receive the bowens adapter, which I use on my light stand with a big 32 inch neewer softbox. This adapter works, but the angle actuation feels pretty bad and it can be kind of hard to slot it into a precise position and tighten it enough to hold a large softbox in place. The adapter is also mostly plastic, which is not super confidence inspiring.The dials to control the light are awesome, but it can be pretty hard to tell which one is which, when its up high on a light stand. Additionally, when it's high on a light stand and pointed down, it can be hard to see the screen to see what brightness % you're at or what color temperature you're using. However, you could always use a step ladder or set these before.To carry this thing around, you get an awesome softcase with lots of padding. The G60's come in the same case, but with different foam cuts. If you try hard enough, you can also fit in the bowens adapter and the mini softbox, but it's definitely a squeeze.Overall, I've loved using this thing and the fact that it replaces a huge 60w light with its tiny size, and the fact that it's easily transportable and usable without a power source, makes it a no-brainer. As a side note, the fan is incredibly quiet and you can really only hear it if its dead silent in your studio, and you're using a high light brightness. That being said, using 100w of light is not super common for me in my space, 100w is BRIGHT!


I have to say I’ve never seen so many warning stickers on the product. It started to get unnerving. In addition to having a large yellow caution wrap around the entire light, there were no fewer than eight stickers plastered all over the light body all warning about heat and bright light. Perhaps they need to put some warning labels on the outside of the box.It is incredibly small and powerful and a very unusual design. The kit comes with the battery which not only gives you portable power but a safe place to touch the device where it doesn’t get really hot. It makes it easier to move it around and the cases really should be mandatory with all versions of the white yes. I contacted the company about getting a case for mine versions that didn’t come with it and they said the cost was prohibitive. Shipping would be too expensive. So I ordered a couple of lunch bags to use for those but this is definitely the version of the light that you want.It’s definitely an unusual design that gives you a ton of light and a really small package. But despite the lightnings mall by the time you lug around the rest of the accessories it’s still fairly bulky. There’s no way to shrink down a reflector for instance and the power supply is pretty big. Still overall it’s going to be a smaller package than a larger light which also requires the same accessories. I definitely like the complete kit.

Dean Burns

What a great kit! The build quality is fantastic and the output is fantastic. So far, I've only needed to push to 35-45% as a fill light for outside photos with the soft box on board. Battery life is also very good. Mine came with about 70% charge. I topped it up and after several uses, I still haven't had to charge it again. I'm sure the Bowen's mount will be useful at some point, but right now I'm just using it hand-held. The battery acts as the grip and provides great purchase for the unit. I really like this light. Highly recommended