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ZHIYUN MOLUS G200 COB Video Light Bowens Mount Camera Light

ZHIYUN MOLUS G200 COB Video Light Bowens Mount Camera Light

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  • 🏆【Round and Bright Like the Sun】The sleek and organized design houses a COB light source with meticulous cooling system, all in the palm of your hand. With the unmatched comfort and portability, it's the perfect solution for all your lighting requirements.
  • 🏆【Light Your Way Differently】The innovative design separates the light body and the controller, equipping the controller with a convenient rope and only 2 interactive buttons and a display screen, making it simple and quick to achieve a wide range of functions.
  • 🏆【Cooling Redefined & 180° Flexibility】New cooling system for the COB light and controller: Features heat sink, FOC fan, and DynaVort Cooling System by ZHIYUN, delivering remarkable output and cooling while still maintaining a lightweight and bright solution. Integrated with the light support with a 180° adjustable arm, making it easy to adapt to any setting. The universal umbrella slot also adds more diversity to your professional lighting.
  • 🏆【Seamless Dimming & ZY Vega App】Supports seamless CCT and DMI adjustment, with five built-in presets for easy one-press color temperature and brightness adjustments. Achieving the perfect lighting has never been this smooth and accessible. Supports Bluetooth Mesh networking, allowing for remote dimming and quick switching of presets. Achieving professional lighting on any film set or studio is effortless and convenient.
  • 🏆【One Press for the Extreme】ZHIYUN MOLUS G200 boasts a peak output of up to 200W under normal usage, with a one-press MAX Extreme mode that delivers a staggering peak output of up to 300W.
  • 🏆【One Light, Three Moods.】The professional lighting effects for your film production that fits every setting: Live streaming, interviews, portrait photography, commercial ads, TVC shoots, etc. Normal mode: Turn on the light using the switch and adjust the brightness to your desired level. Live mode: Automatically turns on as soon as it's powered on. Music mode: The built-in microphone syncs your lighting with the music beats, creating a dynamic and immersive experience for your audience.
  • 🏆【Expand Your Lighting Creativity】Compatible with various Bowens-mount accessories tailor-made by ZHIYUN, as well as other Bowens accessories.

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Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Thomas

The ad says it all - Bright Like the Sun. This thing is BRIGHT! 200 watts bright. This is probably the brightest light I have, even compared to another 200 watt light I have, and this is a quarter the size. This thing is so small, you can carry a half-dozen of them in a duffle bag (in their carrying cases) with ease.The color temperature range is great, going from 2700K to 6500K, so you get a little into the blue range at the top, which I prefer. For warmer shots, the lower numbers are very nice too.This takes standard Bowens accessories, so you can use it on softboxes, diffusers, etc. with ease, but where this light really shines in the controller. It's not in the light housing itself, but integrated into a cord that gives you a bit of mobility to look at the effect you're having on your subject from the side while adjusting. If that weren't enough, this thing is Bluetooth, so you can adjust it using the Zhiyun app on your phone! That means you can stand anywhere in your studio and see the effects as they change. Fantastic!I've become a huge fan of Zhiyun products recently, having purchased several of their phone gimbals, and this product is a great addition to their lineup. I hope to expand my collection of their gear in the future, as long as they keep up the quality and innovation that is evident in this light! Awesome light!


muy funcional equipo. tal como describe la publicación .

Ivan Moreno

Others may not agree with me, but the cost is totally worth paying for this little 200W box of sunlight (maybe literally!).Nearing the $400 mark, some videographers on a budget may simply not be able to afford such equipment as this one. Yet, I believe it remains relatively accessible and a must-have for any videographers that record weddings and other events. It saves tons of room and remains discreet, something that many guests at any venue may enjoy instead of having a huge light blocking their view (maybe this happens? not sure).It's definitely one of the lightest lights there is for the power. 200W packs a punch.I recommend this light.

Chris Wooley

This is a 200w video light with some nice flexible usage. You can independtly adjust the white balance (2700k-6500k) and the intensity of the light. The brightness is great for both video and still work. It's my favorite intensity for a video light you can use large modifiers with them, as needed.The clever aspect, and what I apprecite most, is that slim profile of this light. It is crazy small, which means that you can place it in very unique spaces that other lights won't fit. Need a small hair light? This will actually fit in a space with low ceilings. Need a moving light? Stick this on a boom/pole and your operator doesn't have to have all the extra weight on the end of it. This is HUGE as most light include the power supply in the light iteself, which adds weight, size, and noise.The power unit also serves as the control unit. So you can have your light mounted high and then use the control at a more comfortable level. I also like the build of the control, as it doesn't feel like a bit blocky extra piece to navigate (like some bricks do). This one feels elegant and is designed nicely. The screen is a bit small and hard to read from a distrance, but it's not a deal breaker. I like that it includes a little loop for easily connecting it to your light stand. Every light manufacturer should do this ASAP!It's a really useful light.I do wish it had some power flexiblity - especially with it's size. Being able to power it with a D-tap, V-mount, NP battery - or somethign similar would incrase the flexiblity of this unitl 10x. You can still plug it into Lithimum power packs (Paul Buff's Vagabond Mini works well) for portability.Great light.I do with

Pete Nieves

I really like this light kit. The unique design of having the controller separate from the light allows me to use it in more ways than some other lights. The light head doesn't take much space so I can hide it if necessary. The controls on the controller are easy to use and work very smoothly. Adjusting color temperature and light intensity is super easy. The fan pretty quiet when using the fan up to 200 watts. At 300 watts It has an audible fan sound along with a little of a higher pitched tone that may be an issue if you are doing interviews. But since it fairly constant I should be able to eliminate that in post editing.The case is fairly good quality and holds everything securely with velcro straps. It would be nice if it did have V mount batteries as an option, but otherwise this is a great and unique option that I will use often for video and photography production work.