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TTArtisan 50mm F0.95 Large Aperture Manual Fixed APS-C Lens

TTArtisan 50mm F0.95 Large Aperture Manual Fixed APS-C Lens

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Only suitable for mirrorless cameras, not suitable for DSLR cameras.

This 50mm f/0.95 Lens from TTArtisan is a portrait-length prime for mirrorless cameras. Its impressively fast maximum aperture offers a wealth of control over depth of field and also benefits working in dark and low-light conditions. In addition to the large aperture, the lens uses a variety of specialized elements and high-quality glass in order to achieve sharp imagery with accurate colors. The lens's manual focus design permits working with subjects as close as 19.7" away and features a 10-blade diaphragm that contributes to a smooth and creamy bokeh quality.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Tyler Felts

    I use this lens with a fujifilm xt4. I have several primes and red badge lenses and I more often than not find myself using this lens instead, though I do not have the fujinon 50mm f1.0, I suspect that would replace the use case of this lens with much better quality; however this lens costs what it does and the fuji version is $1500. The low light capability of this lens is amazing. The separation of subject is also great. The sharpness is not good, especially wide open and easily visible on a large monitor, however on a smaller screen it is completely acceptable. The manual focusing is smooth and manual, obviously, all the pros and cons attached. Build quality is superb. Overall an absolutely amazing buy, best value ever.

    Ray Kennedy

    I bought the RF version of this lens, And paired it with my Canon EOS R.(The first 2 comparison photos are SOOC. the last 2 have been edited.)I've had this lens for a couple days, and I am really Enjoying it!It is not a professional Lens. When its all the way open at F0.95 it is SUPER soft.(It looks like you're shooting with a pro mist filter, until you hit F2.)Stopped down to F2.8 it looks like the Canon 50mm F1.8I Love the Bokeh on the Artisan. But it does end up looking like a decagon after F2.The Hue is a bit red compared to Canons.And there is some lens distortion.There is no hood, which I don't mind since Canon NEVER includes a hood anyway unless it's an L lens.And the screw on lens cap is a pain.What I did was buy the Fotasy metal 58mm vented lens hood here on Amazon. It came with a 67mm lens cap. So when you screw the hood on, you can then just use the lens cap like normal. (I tucked my screw on lens cap away with my other camera gear, just incase I need it one day.)If you are looking for Crisp photos at low apatures or auto focusing...keep looking.If you are looking for a Fun lens, that gives you soft dreamy, low light photos or big Bokeh balls/(decagons) go ahead and get this one!

    Tambok Patikan

    Loved it! Although could kind of soft wide open for some but acceptable sharpness though, atleast for me.

    Yasmin Kabra

    I took it out today and shot some photos and it was a lot of fun to figure this lens out. The build quality is stellar. The f0.95 is really soft but you can get good results if you play with it enough.

    Gennaro Sawayn

    This lens fits my Canon R6 perfectly. I don't need the adaptor. The metal construction is reassuring. It is very light and a joy to use. Do remember to activate the 'shutter release without lens' in the Manual Mode. I also activated focus peaking and the focus guide. In reality I could focus using the LCD and magnifying the image for further tuning. It was quick and painless. I bought this lens for its bokeh and it hasn't disappointed. The bokeh is absolutely gorgeous! Of course I have to shoot quite a few times to get the keepers but that's the fun of the lens. It is not clinical but thoroughly enjoyable. When you get the keepers you get this sense of achievement. Manual focusing is a piece of cake in Canon R6, a mirrorless camera. The experience may not be so positive in a traditional DSLR? TTartisan has produced a very well made, budget f0.95 lens, even cheaper than other Chinese lenses. It is one of the sharper Chinese lenses. It is a very worthwhile investment. It will certainly bring back the joy of photography. I recommend this lens even for beginners, especially those with Canon R cameras. The lens and the camera are a perfect match.