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FalconEyes SO-28TD Sophiez Bi-Color Softlight LED Panel Light

FalconEyes SO-28TD Sophiez Bi-Color Softlight LED Panel Light

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The new Falcon Eyes Sophiez series is designed in a gorgeous circular-shape-mirror-style providing extremely soft lighting for all applications. 
Any illuminated objects under the Sophiez LED light would look soft and just fantastic without the help of any other light modifiers. 
The Sophiez series come in three sizes with output selection of SO-28TD, SO-48TD and SO-68TD, 28W, 48W and 68W relatively.
All models are able to adjust color temperature from 3200K – 5600K, with TLCI of 95.5.
A delicated control box is attached at the back of the light with LCD touch screen control. Desirable light can be adjusted easily. Sophiez series is also designed to have the mutual control system (Share your move function) allowing an easy operation for multiple units.


  • Part Number: SO-28TD
  • Color Temperature: 3000K - 5600K
  • Color Rendering Index: Ra 95
  • Output power: 28W
  • LED Quantity: 120 LEDs
  • Color Control: Stepless adjustable
  • Beam Angle: 65°
  • LUX
  • 5600K/0.5M 2460/1M 623/2M 160
  • 3000K/0.5M 2310/1M 570/2M 149
  • Voltage: 15V 3A
  • Net Weight: 1.13kg
  • Dimensions:370×345×60 mm
  • Accessories Included: Bag/Bracket / AC Adaptor

Packaing List

  • 1 x SO-28TD
  • 1 x Adaptor
  • 1 x Adaptor Line
  • 1 x Bag
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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Suraj Manne

If you need a portable, battery-powered light with softbox diffusion built-in, this is it.GeraldUndone sold me on it and you're not going to be disappointed!

Marshall Bernier

I have a Youtube studio with multiple overhead LED lights bouncing from every angle. But I needed some additional "pop" for the front/face angle. I needed something compact, lightweight, (not a big soft box). I wanted to be able to move this around our video set, place it near the camera, and essentially have it disappear. This light checks all the boxes. The light quality is gorgeous. Highly recommended.

Monica Tuhame

Full circle! Perfect light!

Ebiere Aligbe

This is a an excellent key light for interviews. Equally good for fill if you want to back it off.It requires no modifier or softbox. It's already soft.The color temperature is accurate, and intensity can be shifted from around 5% to 100%.The power lead connection is a little flimsy, so make sure you tie it off.As it is extremely thin, it's ideal for lighting on a small space or right up against a wall. It's not heavy, so you can prop it on a fairly small light stand. It comes in a soft case with foam padding, and is very easy to transport.I also have a 48.

Edythe Schroeder

There isn't much to say about this simple little light. It's quality light in a small package. Just be aware that it's a relatively small light circle, which may not be idea for some circumstances. You might want one of the larger versions of this light for a softer falloff/more flattering light. It's not super bright, just exactly bright enough for most video use.No flicker, very well diffused light.You can find my full review on YouTube.This light was sent to me for review.