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FalconEyes RX-8T Flexible LED Light with RX-8OB + RX-8SB

FalconEyes RX-8T Flexible LED Light with RX-8OB + RX-8SB

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The RX-8T/TD on camera flex-light has adopted the same technology as the Roll-Flex series. It has the beam angle of 65° with the help of the SMD LED bulb, but it allows you to illuminate in 360° with its flexible panel for twisting.

It is compatible with Sony F-mount battery ( battery) not included , as well as the AC adaptor for AC power supply.
RX-8T is available on either 3200K or 5600K, while RX-8TD is bi-color 3000K-5600K, illuminating from 0-100% step-less, providing very soft light for different types of filming. Also, there're two optional soft boxes available for taking the beauty of softness to the next level.

  • Color Temperature is 5600k,Power is 18W.
  • Color Control:0-100% Stepless Dimming.
  • The LED light is rollable,flexible and waterproof, easy to carry.
  • It can power by AC power or battery. It can also use NP-F series batteries when you are outdoors. (The battery not included)
  • With the help of the optional clamp, user could mount the Roll-Flex LED light on a light stand in order to use as a LED panel.


  • Part Number:RX-8T
  • Light Source:90 LEDs
  • Color Temperature:5600K 
  • Color Control:0-100% Stepless Dimming
  • Output power:18W
  • Voltage:DC-9V 3A
  • Average Service Life:50000H
  • Power Supply:9V 3A
  • Net Weight:0.4kg
  • Dimension(cm):21 x 21 x 0.5cm 
  • CRI:95
  • Lighting Distance:5M
  • Waterproof:Yes 

Packing list:

  • 1 x RX-8T Flex Light
  • 1 x AC Adaptor 
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 1 x Ball Head
  • 1 x RX-8SB Diffuser
  • 1 x RX-8OB Diffuser
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Customer Reviews

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Fredrik Nornemark
A surprisingly good little light

The Falcon Eyes RX-8T is a great little light. It’s quite powerful despite it’s size. I also like the form factor: small and lightweight which makes it significantly more portable than most lights and easy to use in a cramped shooting locations. The flex system also allows for creative applications, primarily when space is limited.

I bought two of these and have used the lights indoors as well as outdoors and they haven’t disappointed me. Quite the contrary, the lights have surprised me with their versatility and portability.

One thing to note: in my view, this is not a full-on key light. It could be used as a key light, but it’s best suited as a fill light or for accent. That said, pair two or three of these and you have a fully adequate mini studio setup that won’t disappoint.

In short, I very much recommend this light as long as you don’t expect it to be the be all and end all of lighting. If you understand it’s limitations and use it to it’s potential, it is a fantastic light.

Lastly, many thanks to Vitopal staff for helping out to arrange shipping. There was a problem, but they worked hard to solve it for me and in the end, delivery was quick and smooth.