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FalconEyes RX-12TD Waterproof Flexible Light with RX-12OB

FalconEyes RX-12TD Waterproof Flexible Light with RX-12OB

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Notice:The RX-12TD can work with RC-6 remote.
This is new verison of RX-12TD. The new Roll-Flex LED light is developed with the latest LED technology to perform rollable and flexible movement with thickness of only 10mm. The Roll-Flex light body size is 46*32cm. It can aim for all kinds of shooting and micofilming. It's handy lightweight and easy to carry around which is great to use as your no-sunlight reflector or as a fill light. With the help of the optional clamp,user could mount the Roll-Flex LED light on a light stand in order to use as a led panel. 

The RX-TD version comes with Falcon Eyes Share Your Move (mutual control) feature, this allows you to control the dimmer and color setting between multiple lights through 2.4 GHz frequency. RC-6 remote controller can be used with the mutual control system.

RX-TDX version is implanted with DMX feature, with the DMX input and output ports, it can be connected to the DMX console to perform wide range of lighting effect. RX-TDX is also compatible with the RC-3T remote controller for 2.4GHz dimmer and color adjustment


  • Model:RX-12TD
  • Power: 50w
  • LED: 280pcs
  • Power source: DC 14.8V or AC 15V 5A
  • The LED Light body size:(46*32cm)
  • Thickness: 10mm CCT: 3000K-5600K
  • Dimmer: YES
  • CRI: RA95
  • LUX(0.5m): 6400
  • LUX(1m): 1989
  • LUX(2m): 515 
  • Control Funtion: Touch Screen 

Packing list

  • 1×RX-12TD roll-flex light
  • 4×Adhesive Strap(black)
  • 2×Adhesive Strap(white)
  • 1×Adhesive Strap (to mount lights)
  • 1×X+L Bracket
  • 1×Spread Soft Box Diffuser RX-12OB
  • 1×Circuit Control Box
  • 1×Adaptor
  • 1×Adaptor power line
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Monique van Staden

Bought these lights for traveling and they’re so much easier to fly with. They roll up and are much lighter than my solid LED panels. I like the bi-color feature and digital screen for intensity and color temperature adjustment. They’re not as bright as my other panels but they allow me to eliminate an extra suitcase when flying and give me peace of mind that my lights will be safe since I always worried about my solid ones breaking. I’ve used these for month on several trips and don’t regret purchasing. Much less expensive than the bigger name brands with all the features that I need, including being able to power them from V-Mount batteries which was a must and the lower cost panels from other brands didn’t offer. If you need to travel or need a compact light with decent output and lots of features, these are a good choice. I’ll update this review if I ever have any problems with the lights. I have a lot of very expensvive lights from Kino, Mole Richardson, Quasar Science, etc. and these lights surprisingly hold their own for the purpose I bought them for and are a fraction of the cost of the others. If all you’re doing is YouTube vlog or something you could get away with something cheaper but for serious professional video production the features on these lights are a minimum and perform very well. For what they are, theycompare to the other brands that are twice or even more their price. Highly recommended.

Joanie Cummings

Great little light...lightweight and versatile!