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COLBOR CL60R RGB Video Light Full Color Bowens Mount APP Control Video Light

COLBOR CL60R RGB Video Light Full Color Bowens Mount APP Control Video Light

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COLBOR is a powerful full-color RGB light with color accuracy at the forefront of its design. The ultra-compact light fixture CL60R has a variable color temperature from 2700K to 6500K, and RGBWW allows a choice of 360 colors, whose saturation and color can be Adjust to create countless custom colors for indoor, outdoor and mixed lighting environments.

  • 【Powerful Lighting On the Move & 650W Cube Design】COLBOR CL60R RGB photography lighting with inbuilt 65W COB LED beads, powers up the light with a max draw of 80W, delivering 22974 lux at 3.3’ with reflector. Unique “Power Cube“ design allows multiple 65W CL60R filming light to be seamlessly built into a powerful 650W cube lighting matrix by sliding them in together. CL60R RGB video light is as compact as a camera, weighting only 1.3LBS (600 grams) and measuring just 5.5x3x3.5 Inch (14x8x9cm).
  • 【Multiple Modes】CL60R strobe lights support CCT, HSI and 13 Lighting effects modes. In CCT mode, CRI 97+, 2700-6500K adjustable color temperature, adjustable brightness 0-100%. In HSI mode, you can adjust H-Hue (0-359°), S-saturation (0-100%) and I-Illuminance (0-100%). 13 Lighting FX include fire, CCT chase, pulsing, TV, explosion, faulty bulb, welding, strobe, lightning , SOS, spark, beacon and party. Evolve 61 kinds of realistic scenarios, create touching atmosphere in micro-filming.
  • 【Intelligent Control System】CL60R RGB led video lighting can be adjusted and controlled by one unit or via COLBOR StudioApp for different shooting spaces, different distance (adjacent 10 meters each video light). It means operating distance can be expanded to 20, 30 meters and other 10-meter multiples. OTA intelligent function empowers CL60R series to continuously upgrade, bring more fun and professional experience for you. PowerCube design allows 10 CL60R form a 650W powerful video light.
  • 【Intelligent Noiseless Cooling System】COLBOR CL60R photography studio lights with aluminum alloy body and built-in Hummingbird-Intelligence cooling system provide proper temperature for the fixture during long term shooting, don't need to worry about heating problem with prolonged filming. In Quiet Mode, fan sound would be lower than 20dB, extremely quiet even you set the light near the camera, no noise disturbing during recording video, perfect lighting for video recording, YouTube etc.
  • 【Versatile Mountings & Power Supply】CL60R filming lights with Bowens Mount attaches various light-shaping tools, including reflectors, softboxes, and beauty dishes. The included mounting bracket offers 180° beam angle adjustment, a protective cover keeps the COB buld from scratches. CL60R using mainstream TYPE-C charging port, PD power fast charging; mobile power charging, V port and NP-F battery power. (This set excluding the battery)

Packing List

  • 1 x CL60R RGB Video Light,
  • 1 x Reflector, 1 x Protective Cover
  • 1 x Bowens Mount, 1 x Power Adapter,
  • 1 x Light Base
  • 1 x Packing Bag
  • 1 x User Manual
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Allan G.

Oprime el botón de encendido y alguno de configuración para que encienda. Batería Xiaomi 20 000 mAh. 2:45 min encendida.


This light has it all in a tiny package. Full POWERFUL studio lighting, color, hue, saturation etc as well as scene settings, and all in a tiny projector not much bigger than my hand! Using it for 30 mins it did not heat up at all even though it is equipped with fan cooling I have yet to find it on.

Linda Maholmes

This works great in a dark setting.

Gerald Bertram

There is a LOT to live about this light if you are a run and gun shooter like I am. Two big selling points there are the really nice bag it comes with AND the fact that you can power this light via USB C! Now keep in mind this is a PD USB C port so you are going to need a PD capable USB battery bank this kind of wattage. That isn't hard to do, just know they are a bit more pricey than your average USB battery bank. I am not sure of another light this powerful that you can run, at full power, off a USB C battery bank. To be honest this is the number one reason you should even be looking at this light. Otherwise there are several other 60w lights that work well and are cheaper. It's the high degree of being mobile with this light that sets it apart.Beyond that this light has all the usual features you would expect from a 60w video light. All the usual RGB special effects. It does have a bowens mount adapter you can put on it to use larger light modifiers. Thankfully they did include a plugin power cord so you don't HAVE to only rely on the USB C port.If you need one of the brightest lights on the market that you can fully power vis USB C, I'm of the opinion that this is the one for you.


This thing is pretty small without anything attached. Without the cone or mounts it's about the size of my fists combined. It all packs away in the cute padded lunchbox looking bag.I took some measurements on both my USB power meter and my Lux meter. I left the reflector bowl off for these tests. The light is very diffused without it; lux meter read at the center.At 5250k and 100% power it was reading 20.15v at 3.50a showing 1000luxAt 3200k and 100% power it was reading 20.17v at 3.55a showing 1000luxat 6500k and 100% power it was reading 20.17v at 3.51a showing 1300luxWhile powered on but 0% brightness it was reading 20.07v at .14a (3w).The highest lux I read was at 5600k 100%, showing 1400lux.The highest power I could get it to pull was at 4400K 100% with Magenta at 10 at 20.15v at 3.71a (~75w)The fan was set to 'Smart' for the above tests.I couldn't get the bluetooth function connected to my phone so I skipped the app.The effects are fairly standard for an RGBWW video light. I did notice that there is a button/setting called RATE. I assumed it controlled how fast the effects were playing but I was wrong - it changes the type of effect. For example, setting the effect to the party mode Rate 5 I thought would've been RGB strobing at full speed but in reality it fades to black with random bursts of colors. Rate 1 is the normal RGB hue rotating through the colors. Rate 2, 3, and 4 are RGB hue rotations but with fluctuations in speed, but not necessarily faster. Also of note, tapping the settings button while an effect is playing will hold the current color on and pause the effect until you go back to effects mode.USB-C port makes this far too flexible for my mortal being. My 2 other video lights use a DC barrel jack with their respective voltages but ultimately must be plugged into an A/C outlet. WIth the Colbor light I plugged it into a 100W USB charge block then a 50Wh power bank that can do 100w. Works perfectly in both scenarios. I haven't even unbagged the factory power brick yet. I've had some power banks turn off after a while or were sensitive to some edge condition that would cause the video light to turn off. The Smallrig V-mount USB battery worked beyond perfect, since it's meant to be power all kinds of weird electronics.