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Aputure amaran 150C Full-Color 150W RGBWW Bowens Mount LED Video Light

Aputure amaran 150C Full-Color 150W RGBWW Bowens Mount LED Video Light

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The amaran 150c is amaran’s first-ever full-color 150W Bowens Mount point-source LED light, combining RGBWW full-color control, optical and soft light Bowens Mount versatility, integrated controls, and most importantly, high-quality light output.

Using the same foundational RGBWW technology as professional fixtures like the Aputure LS 600c Pro, the amaran 150c produces stunning color quality throughout its expanded bi-color CCT range of 2,500K to 7,500K with green-magenta adjustment and 360° HSI color control with >90% coverage of the Rec.2020 Color Space. And with high CRI/TLCI [95+], SSI (D56) [71], and SSI (Tungsten) [83] scores, the amaran 150c can reliably output color-accurate light to achieve faithful skin tones.

The amaran 150c also punches well above its weight class, outputting 15,610 lux (5600K) using the included Hyper Reflector combined with 0- 100% dimming control.

Featuring the universal Bowens Mount and color-blending optics, the 150c’s high-intensity output can also be magnified or diffused, using a large variety of Bowens Mount modifiers, including optical modifiers like the Fresnel 2X & the brand-new amaran Spotlight SE, and soft light modifiers like the all-new amaran Light Dome Mini SE for producing even light.PERFECT FOR HUE
The amaran 150c is amaran’s first-ever full-color 150W Bowens Mount point-source LED light for indie filmmakers and creators. With point-source color as its strength, the amaran 150c grants creatives with control that no other amaran fixture can – combining RGBWW full-color controloptical and soft light Bowens Mount versatilityintegrated controls, and most importantly, high-quality light output.FROM SET TO STUDIO
Whether you're an indie filmmaker, owner-operator, small production company, or even a photographer or content creator, the amaran 150c helps you achieve the perfect balance between full-color control and an extra power punch that can easily fill your set or studio with high quality light.FULL COLOR CONTROL
Utilizing the same foundational RGBWW chipset found in other Aputure and amaran fixtures, the amaran 150c boasts stunning color quality throughout its expanded 2,500K to 7,500K bi-color CCT range. And with a CRI and TLCI of 95+SSI (D56) of 71, and SSI (Tungsten) of 83, you can always ensure that you can light your subjects with confidence while reproducing accurate skin tones.COLOR-BLENDING OPTICS
Designed to meet the demands of any set, the amaran 150c is compatible with the largest variety of Bowens Mount modifiers. Featuring a universal Bowens Mount and color-blending optics, the 150c can be magnified with optical lens modifiers like the Fresnel 2X and the all-new amaran Spotlight SE projection lens – bringing a new level of flexibility and enhanced output from a single fixture. It can also be used with soft light modifiers to diffuse the 150c’s high-intensity output, like the all-new amaran Light Dome Mini SE .HIGH-QUALITY BUILD
The amaran 150c features additional upgrades to its construction to enhance the user experience, while still remaining compact and portable. In an effort to make swapping between accessories easier and more intuitive than ever, the amaran 150c features a redesigned ergonomic Bowens Mount release latch. It also features an all-metal Bowens Mount to handle the weight of heavier modifiers and all-metal baby-pin receiver and tilting bracket to withstand the rigors of fast-paced film sets.INTEGRATED INTERFACE
With a monolight-style construction, the 150c features a full-color integrated control interface that elegantly blends into the lamp head and becomes an extension of you. Switch between fine-tuning your CCT and 360º of HSI with a simple click on the two control knobs without any extra hassle.SIDUS LINK APP CONTROL
Whether activating one of its 9 built-in lighting FX, adjusting the HSI or CCT, controlling multiple lights at once, or using advanced Magic Program or Quickshots features, the Sidus Link app is an evolutionary tool that enhances your creativity. With the dedicated Bluetooth Reset button on the rear of the light, you can unlock more features and wireless remote control with the Sidus Link app to suit your needs.

Main Features

  • RGBWW Full-Color 150W Output Bowens Mount PointSource LED
  • Color-Blending Optical Design: Compatible with Optical &
  • Soft Light Bowens Mount Modifiers Including Fresnel 2X,
  • Spotlight SE, & amaran Light Dome Mini SE,
  • Redesigned Silent Active Cooling System
  • Up to 15,610 lux @ 1m with Hyper Reflector @ 5,600K
  • Stepless Dimming from 0-100%
  • 2,500K to 7,500K CCT with G/M Adjustment
  • CRI: 95+, TLCI: 95+, TM-30 Rf: 92, TM-30 Rg: 101, SSI
  • (Tungsten): 83, SSI (D56): 71
  • 360° HSI Full Color Control
  • >90% of Colors Within Rec.2020 Color Space
  • Sidus Link App Control with Sidus Mesh Technology
  • Built-in Umbrella Holder
  • Redesigned Ergonomic Bowens Mount Release Latch
  • Metal Bowens Mount & Baby Pin Receiver
  • New, Sleeker Lamp Head Design
  • Dual Rear-Facing Side Handles for Easy Handling
  • Easy to Operate Minimalist User Interface
  • Click Control Knob to Toggle Between CCT & HSI Modes
  • 9 System FX: Paparazzi, Fireworks, Lightning, Faulty Bulb, TV,
  • Pulsing, Strobe, Explosion, & Fire
  • 48V DC Power Input: AC & Battery Power Options
  • 3m Long DC Power Cable

What’s in the Box

  • amaran 150c *1
  • Bowens Mount Protection Cover *1
  • Bowens Mount Hyper Reflector *1
  • AC Power Supply *1
  • AC Power Cable *1
  • amaran 150c Carrying Case *1
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
JMack Imagery

I am so impressed with this video light that I am honestly thinking of selling my Buff Strobes and getting my money back. This light kit is versatile, powerful, and comes in a wonderful carrying case to make your life easier. It fits on any light stand, it feels durable and solid, the controls are easy to use and you can dial in just the effect you need due to the full RGB. The white balance range is 2500-7500 Kelvin, and you can change the hue/saturation of the colored light as well.One thing I really love is that there is no sound! My strobes have a constant buzzing noise due to the fan inside and you can really only use them for photos unless you are dubbing the sound. This light has not weird fan noises interrupting your video. Hence "video" light. AWESOME!It's a small detail, but the cords come with a red velcro strap to help keep them organized when plugged in and while storing. I can't say enough positive about this light. I can't imagine how powerful the 300c must be.If you're considering this video light, click "buy now", because you will not regret it.

Dennis C Fernandez

So I’m new to doing video and the quality of this light is almost intimidating. I hope that makes sense . If the production of my video is bad it makes it less of an equipment issue easily.


I have recently tested the Amaran 150c RGBWW, Godox UL60, Neewer CB60, and the Amaran 100d.Here are my key takeaways from each light:Godox UL60 - Solid build quality (mostly metal), no carrying case, premium control unit, and very quiet. The Bowens mount does not have tight tolerances however, as any modifier feels very loose when clicked in.Neewer CB60 - Good build (mostly plastic), solid Bowens mount, excellent wireless controller, but the actual LED is not well covered and is square and not round. Light quality is average.Amaran 100d - Great light quality, good build (mostly plastic), good Bowens mount fit, and poor BT button quality.Now, here's my 1 week review of the Amaran 150c RGBWW.. EXCELLENT light quality and a nice circular LED that is well protected by a transparent enclosure housed within the metal Bowens mount. Versatile due to it being an RGBWW (never thought it would be so useful). The body is mainly of a high quality polycarbonate with metal in all the right places. The buttons are smooth to turn and feel solid. The BT button is better than that on the 100d but can also be improved (possibly with a rubber cap that will eliminate that rattle you get when pressed). The protective case is a high density foam that is more protection than you will ever need with such a light fixture. I attached an Aputure Light Dome SE and Amaran Light Dome Mini II and both locked in well and were a very snug fit. I am one to really challenge the manufacturers on build quality and I'm VERY satisfied with the AMARAN 150c, so much so that I did not return it. Currently being used as a key light for video, portrait light for still images, and as ambient light (using the full color spectrum) when needed. It's also silent in operation, and the charging unit and power cable is very long. The power cable connects using an XLR style tip that securely clicks into the light. Overall, I'm very happy with everything (with the exception of the slightly flimsy BT button) that came with the light. I'll be using it for a few YT videos and photo shoots in the next few weeks and will report back if anything changes.