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TTArtisan 35mm F0.95 Large Aperture Manual Focus APS-C Lens

TTArtisan 35mm F0.95 Large Aperture Manual Focus APS-C Lens

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Only suitable for mirrorless cameras, not suitable for DSLR cameras

Offering a sleek and retro design, the 35mm f/0.95 Lens from TTArtisan is an ultra-fast normal-length prime for APS-C-format cameras. A robustly built walkaround lens for daily use, this FUJIFILM X-mount lens is ideal for landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, street scenes, and more. Its extremely bright f/0.95 maximum aperture offers excellent control over depth of field, and together with the lens's 10-blade aperture provides beautiful bokeh when called upon.

  • Eye of Night-Flawless in low light: In low-light environments, shooting is often accomplished by sacrificing image quality by increasing the ISO and reducing the shutter speed.
  • Compact and Lightweight: In general, the larger the aperture, the larger the lens size. TTArtisan's APS-C 35mm f0.95 controls the lens size very well through excellent optical design.
  • 0.35m Close-up Shooting: The closet focus distance is 0.35m to capture every detail.
  • Clicked Aperture Ring: Advanced configuration bring you a fantastic Photography experiencehe.
  • Full Metal Body: Whole-body was well built with aviation aluminum, Anodizing process.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Jane Fairchild

    Good manual lens with a very wide open aperture of 0.98. good for absc cameras. But it is only manual focus so make sure you're aware of that before you get it. But the build quality and image quality are really good especially considering the price. If you manage your expectations you won't be disappointed.


    I was excited when I saw that this lens was released mainly because I much prefer TTArtisan's use of a clicked aperture on their lenses, I find that much nicer to use than a de-clicked aperture ring. I was disappointed to see several negative reviews on this lens from some YouTube reviewers. I'm happy to say that either I got a really good copy, or they got bad ones.First, this lens is built just as well as the other TTArtisan lenses I've used (the 17/1.4 and 25/2). It's fully metal, very solid feeling and both the focus ring and aperture ring are very well damped. I also absolutely love the compact size. If I'm being picky, the focus throw could use to be a touch longer for precise focusing, but I find that the roughly 90 degrees or so it gives you to be adequate and fast to use.The clicks on the aperture are at every 1/2 stop and are distinctively "clicky" without being overly "sticky" at each setting. I'm really glad they went with 1/2 stops instead of the more popular 1/3 stop setting you find on most modern lenses. Frankly, I'd be even happier with just full stop increments, to me that makes quick aperture changes on a "dumb" lens, much easier and more accurate without having to take my eye off the subject, but 1/2 stop is pretty easy and quick as well.I love that it uses a 52mm filter since the majority of vintage glass I own use the same filter, as do my 2 favorite Fuji primes (XF 35/1.4 and 18/2). I do recommend buying a screw on 52mm lens hood to use with this lens to mitigate the flare and give it a little contrast bump.The lens mounts to all my Fuji bodies (from X-T1, X-Pro2, X-H1, X-T3) just like a native lens would. There is very minimal play and it feels great.I find this lens a joy to use, even IF the image quality weren't great I would probably still use it on my X-Pro2 mainly simply because it feels very tactile and well balanced... that said, the image quality IS great!I expected this lens to be a little soft and "glowy" when used wide open based on my experience with some other fast manual lenses similar to this one... I was delighted to see that neither of those things are true. The lens is very respectively sharp in the center of the frame even from wide open, without the soft focus glow. There are some chromatic aberrations and fringing prevalent in high contrast shots... but I would expect that from a lens at this price point, and usually that's not a hard thing to correct for in post. I also generally use manual lenses when I want to shoot in B&W and those negatives are a non issue once you remove color.Stopped down even just to f1.4 and I find this lens surprisingly sharp in the center (when I say center, I mean all but the 10-15% edges of the frame). The colors are also seemingly just as accurate as my XF glass (at least when viewing in Capture One).The extreme edges are not very sharp... but why that would matter on a lens like this is beyond me. This isn't the type of lens a person buys to shoot landscapes with... which is about the only time that would factor in at all, and frankly, even in that scenario I think this lens would do just fine for most uses. You could even just crop the image down 15% around the whole image and you'd be good to go.The bokeh can be a little odd or "busy" for some subjects, but generally I think it produces pleasing images. Part of the fun of cheap lenses like this are the oddities like oblong bokeh and vignette corners (which this lens also exhibits, but not as much as I'd have thought).I can't compare this to the other f0.95 lenses on the market, but on it's own I think this lens is well worth the asking price. I also know that it's the only f0.95 35mm (at least for Fuji) which features a clicked aperture and such a compact size, which for me, make it an easy lens to recommend. It's definitely found a spot in my bag!


    Another quality product from TTartisan. This is now my fastest 35mm lens This image is impressive at such a budget price. Their lenses are very affordable even though this is one of the more expensive focal lengths but at such fast aperture it is a steal and totally worth it.

    James Murphy

    Spoiler alert: camera lenses are expensive. Spoiler alert 2: Fuji camera lenses are *really* expensive. That's why this lens from TT Artisan is so impressive. I'm always a sucker for 'dreamy bokeh' and this lens delivers. It also creates really cool images in low light.The quality for this price point is insane. The entire body is built of anodized aluminum. That means it's extremely durable while being extremely light--as in 'less than a pound' light. The form factor is also reasonably small and that makes it easy to carry around. Even better--at this price point you won't be concerned about the potential financial implications of carrying it around wherever.Aesthetically, the lens is gorgeous. The product description says that when not shooting photos you can 'enjoy it as a work of art.' I thought this was a bit silly until I saw the lens in the the anodized aluminum. There's no higher level skill than combining form and function in a tool and this lens does that and then some. The design is very intelligent and elegant and the entire setup--including the packaging--has a strong retro vibe. It reminded me of messing around with my dad and grandfather's camera equipment when I was a kid--that's how I became interested in photography to begin with.Great lens at a borderline unbelievable price. At this price point, this is a 'must buy'. Highly recommended!

    Titilayo Obianuju

    The specs sounded good and I already had a TT Artisan 60mm macro lens that was pretty good so I gave this a try. It exceeded my expectations. The dog photo, shot wide open is sharp but very shallow focus. The other two are shot at F5.6. All were shot with a Sony a6000 using focus peaking and focus magnification since this is a completely manual lens. I assigned the AEL button on the back to go to focus mag when that button is tapped twice. Focal length is full frame equivalent to 52.5mm. Close focus is about 12 inches. This is a nice walk-around lens and a decent price.