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7Artisans 50mm F0.95 Large Aperture APS-C Lens

7Artisans 50mm F0.95 Large Aperture APS-C Lens

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The 7artisans 50mm f0.95 Lens is a portrait-length prime.Its impressively fast maximum aperture offers a wealth of control over depth of field and also benefits working in dark and low-light conditions. 

  • 【Charming Bokeh】: 7artisans 50mm F0.95 is equivalent to about 75mm. The medium telephoto end can easily capture bokeh. With the blessing of F0.95 aperture, you can get shallow depth of field, soft bokeh and natural bokeh. The subject is highlighted.
  • 【Purer Picture, More Prominent details】: Even in poor lighting conditions, the amount of light admitted by the F0.95 aperture is very good, and a clear picture with low sensitivity can be obtained.
  • 【F0.95 Aperture】: 7artisans uses F0.95 aperture and a filter diameter of 62mm, pursuing dreamy blur without compromising on image quality.
  • 【Optical Structure】: 7artisans 50mm F0.95 uses 7 pieces of optical glass in 5 groups, 2 pieces of ED glass, and 13 aperture blades. It provides a minimum focusing distance of 0.45 meters, allowing you to take more beautiful portraits and landscapes.
  • 【Good After-Sales Service】: If you have any problems with the product, please feel free to contact us and we will solve your problem within 24 hours. In addition, we also have a one-year free warranty service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Steven R. Jones

This lens has already received high praise from serious professional portrait photographers. In-Studio this lens creates great rendering of subjects with smooth out of focus backgrounds (bokeh). At 0.95 one has to be very careful to nail focus on eyes, subject, etc. I am very pleased with this lens and will continue to use it on my FujiFilm XT-4 and save the X-100V for Street Photography.


Prior to my purchase, I extensively researched several YouTube reviews and found that they were all truthful. The lens's image quality at f0.95 is somewhat soft but improves significantly after reaching around f1.4. In low-light situations, I frequently utilized f0.95 and achieved favorable results. Additionally, the lens's build quality is exceptional, surpassing even that of Canon's L lens, and the focus dial feels luxurious.

Nthabiseng Mdluli

From the spec, I wanted to try this lens to check out the bokeh. It performs excellently, giving pleasant bokeh. For close ups, the DOF is so thin it becomes hard to use the focusing ring and I have to nove my body by tiny amount to focus.I've only tried flowers but expect good results with portraits based on a few test photosIt looks very well-built for a $209 lens also. I'm looking to buy more lens from 7Artisans.

Elian Terry

The first copy I received didn't focus to infinity, so it was exchanged for the lens I'm reviewing here. This lens focuses PAST infinity, so while the first problem is solved, it would have been nice to be able to find infinity by turning to the stop. It's not a deal breaker for me, but it's flaw 1 in my opinion.In general the lens is very well made, and it feels like a little cannon ball on the front of my EM1-2; it would probably be unwieldy on a smaller camera that didn't have a substantial hand grip. The photos it takes are acceptably sharp in the center at f/0.95 and sharpen up considerably at f/4 or f/5.6. I actually expected it to be less sharp than it is. Bonus.The second non-deal-breaker is that the focus throw is pretty short, so it's very fussy and easy to turn past the sharp focus point. Using focus peaking is fine, but the depth of field is so shallow that if you hand-hold lots of shots, the focus is very easily lost just involuntary movement or shifting for balance. Second flaw, but I will put up with that inconvenience also.All things considered, it's a fun lens and a real bargain if you don't mind working without auto-focus. Five stars for picture quality because even though it's not the sharpest around, one must consider how affordable it is. You get a lot for your money!

Anabel Kayemba

Works really well on my Olympus OMD EM1 M3, renders good color and is very sharp. Bokeh is pleasing with low fringing- for the price this is a very good offering.