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7Artisans 18mm F6.3 Mark II APS-C UFO lens

7Artisans 18mm F6.3 Mark II APS-C UFO lens

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The 18mm f6.3 Mark II Lens for from 7artisans is a small, wide-angle pancake prime well-suited for street and documentary photography as well as casual walkaround shooting. As small as it is simple, this lens is also distinguished by its fixed f/6.3 aperture and durable metal construction.

  • "Biscuit" Lens: 18mm f6.3 is an ultra-thin "biscuit type fixed focus lens", with compact design and Excellent portability, excellent image quality and dustproof performance. You just need to put it on the camera body as a protective body cover to keep the weight of the camera.
  • Constant Aperture: The fastest focusing is without focusing, the focal length is 18mm, the aperture is F6.3, and the focus distance of Mark II is 0.3M~∞ more than that of Mark I, opening endless space, creating charming closing experience, and capturing portraits from daily life in an instant.
  • Wide Scope of Application: The lens can be easily put into the pocket, suitable for various styles and scenes of street photography and landscape photography: tourism, scenery, people, still life, insects, buildings, etc.
  • Excellent Image Structure: It combines lightweight design and excellent image quality to cover APS-C sensor. Although the size is compact, the lens is composed of five groups of six pieces. Keeping the weight of the camera can provide excellent image resolution.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Devon Tripp

My original intentions with this lens was to challenge myself to take somewhat useable pictures with such a low quality and inexpensive compact fixed aperture lens. But I found myself extremely surprised with the results. This is most certainly sharp enough for a 24mp aps-c sensor, though corner sharpness won’t be very satisfactory and center sharpness is only passable. Contrast is also very low, especially in bright backlit scenes, but you can’t ask for much at its price. The lens appears to be metal and doesn’t have weather sealing, but fits extremely snug onto the camera body. I personally shot with my Sony A7RIV full frame.enjoyed the vignetting. Results can be half decent as long as you don’t point the lens up towards the sky. All shots were taken at shutter speed 1/100s on a fairly rainy overcast day on a mixture of ISOs ranging between 1250-3200. While I wouldn’t incorporate this lens into my business, it can be fun to strip the rig to its bare minimums and put this lens on for a walk around. On a smaller body like the a6000, a7c, or zv-e1 I could see the entire setup fitting into a deep pocket.Overall a very satisfying lens for $60, it arrived very well wrapped, inside a soft bag, inside a plastic case, surrounded by a very very large amount of plastic wrap, no way it would ever get damaged in transit. 7artisans surprised me with this one.

Rothy Aimyon

Amazing product. This is a type of lens that will test your photography skills. You can get the same results as a more expensive lens if you know how to use it.Pros: Sharp, super compact, and good contrast.Cons: People will leave bad reviews because they're bad at photography.


Regardless to pricePro:Fair image sharpest, ok color , low AbbVery very compact , easy to focusVery well constructionVery light weightUsed as lens cap !Good wide ang len overall(I used A7r4, set A , auto S, auto iso)Con:Used as Apc , more vig. Need some Lgtrm work(for better Picture.)Limited f stop at 6.Wish future version has better lens coating , smaller f stop

Mike Cassidy

I use this lens on my full frame, Sony camera, even though it’s meant for APSC sensors because I love the vignette.

Jim Keith

I bought this thinking it would be a lightweight “creative” lens that I could carry around on the cheap. I thought it would be really soft but good for walking around lightweight. The lens is sharper then I expected. I did have to adjust the focus a bit depending on the shot but overall I was surprised by the quality of the shots taken with my x-t5. There is some vignetting, which I don’t mind, but distortion seems well controlled. These shots are HEIF straight out of camera except the pigeons which was cropped and converted to b&w with Apple photos noir filter.