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ZHIYUN FIVERAY M40 40W Luz diurna Potente luz de bolsillo

ZHIYUN FIVERAY M40 40W Luz diurna Potente luz de bolsillo

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m40-3 Descripción

ZHIYUN traspasa los límites de la estructura tecnológica y el rendimiento de la iluminación, trayendo la potente luz de bolsillo con una iluminancia máxima de 40 W que responde a sus demandas de simplicidad, materializando la innovación y la utilidad en su cuerpo compacto.

m40-156 Pequeño pero profesional

Con un tamaño de palma y solo 320 g que cabe bien en los bolsillos y luce elegante en su escritorio, M40 es su solución de iluminación portátil ideal, ya que proporciona luz de relleno de 360° con extrema flexibilidad.

m40-3 14000 lux, ultrabrillante

Equipada con 176 chips LED que brindan una increíble iluminancia máxima de 14000 lux, la M40 rivaliza con la luz clave proporcionada por equipos más grandes.

Iluminación efectiva

Los datos se obtuvieron de experimentos internos de los laboratorios ZHIYUN cuando el M40 funciona a una temperatura de color de 4300K ​​con un brillo del 100%.

Excelente reproducción cromática

Ofrece una temperatura de color dual ajustable que oscila entre 2700 y 6200 k, lo que permite picos de salida de energía de 40 W sin luces estroboscópicas.

m40-6 Enfriamiento de frecuencia variable mediante modelado

M40 adopta el DynaVort Cooling System™ que consta de un disipador de calor de modelado de giroscopio, ventiladores FOC y un algoritmo ESC para evitar el sobrecalentamiento. La tecnología DynaVort que aplica la dinámica de fluidos aumenta la eficiencia de enfriamiento al mejorar sustancialmente las emisiones del flujo de aire a través de un control inteligente.

m40-18 Ruedas dobles para una atenuación precisa

La atenuación precisa de la temperatura del color y el brillo está disponible a través de dos ruedas separadas, lo que le brinda un control suave al alcance de la mano.

Configuración simplificada para tomas de calidad

El soporte ajustable del M40 amplía las posibilidades para diversas ocasiones, mientras que dos orificios para tornillos de 1/4" permiten montar el M40 en un trípode o soporte de iluminación, ofreciendo una configuración de iluminación más rápida que nunca.

Tecnología de carga adaptativa

Con 4 luces indicadoras LED que muestran el nivel de la batería y dos baterías 18650 integradas, el M40 admite el protocolo de carga rápida PD de 50 W que permite una carga en tiempo real.

Lista de embalaje

  • Luz LED de vídeo de luz diurna Zhiyun FiveRay M40 40W
  • Cable de carga
  • Guía de inicio rápido
  • Garantía limitada de 1 año de Zhiyun
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Trishana Randhawa

This is a super bright light for it's size which can throw light far and pretty wide. In my included image it lights up my backyard pretty easily. You can see my fence which is 50 feet away from my camera and farther into my neighbors yard. The only bad thing at this brightness is that the battery will go dead in 30 minutes. However, if you bring a powerbank the light will work with external power through it's USB-C port.It comes in nice packaging -- kinda Apple like quality. It's a heavy light and comes with a beefy instruction manual that honestly doesn't say much. Has a nice diffuser like lens and a mostly plastic white body with a metal bracket and a built in fan.The bracket can be used as a stand if you place the light on a table or to mount the camera on a tripod bolt either portrait or landscape positions.I don't like that there's no LED screen for feedback or LED indicators for power/brightness or color that you typically find on high quality lights.... you either gotta do it all by feel or use the markings on the dials. The only LED indicators are for the battery charge level.This is a handy powerful light that you should add to your kit.

Julie Nkurunungi

You need a small portable light with power? This is it. End of story.It switches from white balance from warm to cold and has immense 40w light output in the palm of your hand.It doesn't come with a hotshoe because this is powerful enough to be expected tobe on a tripod off camera when shooting. This light is beautiful for still lifes AND portraits. I use it for small lights in cinematography and it works perfectly. The light is strong enough for a small amount fill light outside in the Miami sun. IE this light is more powerful then He-man. Zhiyun isn't playing with it's new continuous lights they are NO joke. This is the best pure light you can buy for $100. Unless you need a color gamut of additional colors or a light todo "special fx" like sirens, lightning & etc.A great buy, period keep it in your camera bag, for sure.

Harold Aisu

I was expecting to be impressed with this light based on the reviews I've read. The mention of "game changer" seems to be a common comment about this new FIVERAY M40 light. Upon testing out this light myself, I agree! Most small lights don't hold a candle(power) to this light in terms of sheer power and light output in such a small form factor.I wouldn't have guessed a manufacturer known for gimbals would hit it out of the park with their first portable light, but they did. There are some clever ideas baked into this light as well, such as the metal bar on the side which protects the dials during transport, and can also be used as a built-in, adjustable angle stand. There are also two 1/4"-20 threads for attaching adapters for cold shoes, light stands, etc.I do think they missed one design opportunity... they could have included a cold shoe mount into this bar. There's even an area where one of the threaded ports is located that actually looks like a cold shoe mount at first glance, but not in reality. If there was a cold shoe mount there, the light would be in a vertical orientation on top of a camera, but would still work. Or they could have included a simple 1/4" to cold shoe adapter. Fortunately, I have several mount adapters, so not a big deal for me, but it would be nice to have it already included in the design. A small protective padded bag/case also would have been a nice inclusion.The plastic orange dials have a bit of a cheap look to them, but they work and feel just fine. Overall, this light does have a high quality feel and works great. The build quality for the most part is first class. The internal battery is very convenient, as many of my portable LED lights use a Sony NP style battery for power. With this light, if you have the battery charged up, it's going to last quite a while and no extra battery is needed. If the internal fan came on during my tests, I didn't notice it.I think this light may inspire other manufacturers to up their game to stay competitive. For now, I think this FIVERAY M40 light is in a category all its own and despite my minor nitpickings, it really has no competition that I can think of in this portable lighting niche. Well done, Zhiyun!

Torey Gutkowski

I really like how bright the light is also has the dimming and wattage use which is really awesome it's really well built..

Madelynn Harber

Great light. Zhiyun is probably best known--at least in North America--as being a company that makes gimbals and other camera stabilization equipment. They're pretty good at making lights as well. I've got several of their handheld video light wands and they're great. This is a bit different form factor, but equally as impressive. It weighs less than a pound and while it isn't quite 'palm size' (unless you have huge hands) it is very portable. It fits well in camera bags and briefcases, so you can always have a first rate light available. It's battery life is only a half hour (at max power) but you can recharge it in less than two hours. The powerfully bright light it emits is almost hard to believe given the small size of the unit. Highly recommended!!