Viltrox AF 40mm F2.5 Full-Frame Lens Coming Soon

Viltrox AF 40mm F2.5 Full-Frame Lens Coming Soon

The new member will join the Viltrox Air Series soon👏

The price is 158$,release in (UCT+8)20:00,April 25th,2024.

AF 40mm F2.5 Z, the Viltrox Air lightweight full-frame series adds a 40mm all-round focal length, an efficient and accurate autofocus system to capture wonderful moments, so that everyone can enjoy the fun of photography; it covers the full-frame image field, matching more cameras Small and lightweight lens body, easy to shoot with; 40mm versatile focal length, ideal for daily shooting and travel.

The Viltrox AF 40mm f/2.5 will be available for pre-order on the Vitopal website soon, please contact us for exclusive discounts/notifications when this item is in stock.

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