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Viltrox 27mm F1.2 Pro Large Aperture Autofocus Lens for Fuji X-Mount Mirrorless Cameras

Viltrox 27mm F1.2 Pro Large Aperture Autofocus Lens for Fuji X-Mount Mirrorless Cameras

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Focal Length

Introducing the Viltrox 27mm F1.2 autofocus lens, a masterpiece of optical engineering that will elevate your photography to new heights. With its unprecedented F1.2 aperture, this lens immerses you in a world of ethereal bokeh and enhanced low-light shooting. From the center to the edge, it delivers breathtakingly sharp images, even when shooting wide open. Crafted with HOYA's special glass, chromatic aberrations are controlled flawlessly, giving you the freedom to unleash your creativity without limitations.

  • Continuing the Pro Legacy: Embark on a journey of astonishing resolution and superlative detail. The AF 27mm F1.2 Pro maintains the Pro series' tradition of remarkable resolution and presents scenes with crystal-clear authenticity. Its unparalleled resolution caters to the demands of higher image quality, ensuring a visual experience like no other.
  • Unprecedented F1.2 Aperture: Immerse yourself in the world of ethereal bokeh and enhanced low-light shooting. The F1.2 aperture creates breathtakingly sharp images from center to edge, even when wide open. Crafted with HOYA's special glass, this lens controls chromatic aberrations flawlessly, allowing for unrestricted creativity.
  • Optical Mastery: Delve into a world of optical excellence with an 11-group, 15-element optical structure and integrated HOYA aspherical elements. Two Extra-low Dispersion (ED) lenses and five high-refractive lenses, combined with high-definition nano-multilayer coatings, produce stunningly vivid and artifact-free images.
  • Efficient Autofocus Precision: The lens features a quiet and highly responsive STM stepping motor for rapid and accurate autofocus. Leveraging Viltrox's outstanding autofocus performance, every decisive moment is captured with precision and reliability, ensuring you never miss a beat.
  • Versatile Focal Length, Equivalent to 40mm: Embrace the versatile perspective of the 27mm, equivalent to approximately 40mm on full-frame, mirroring the human eye's natural viewpoint. With a minimum focusing distance of just 0.28m, this lens excels in close-up photography, capturing intricate details with the synergy of F1.2 aperture and extraordinary resolution. From candid snapshots to evocative portraits, this lens lets you express your vision in its truest form.

· 27mm focal length, F1.2 large aperture
· 15/11 lens elements (2 ED, 5 high refractive index lenses, and 1 aspherical lens)
· Use Japanese HOYA material on an aspherical lens
· The closest focusing distance is 0.28m
· STM motor design, high-speed, and precise auto-focus.
· Dust-proof and Splash-proof

The F1.2 large aperture presents an unparalleled blur effect, creating a deeper expression of the picture with a very shallow depth No matter how complicated the background environment is, the main body still emerges vividly. Soft and Charming Out-of-focus, Clear and Sharp In-focus.In-focus and out-of-focus smooth transition.
The super large aperture of F1.2 opens up more possibilities in the dark night, with a higher shutter speed and a lower ISO .

The image quality of AF 27mm F1.2 Pro XF is still unbeatable even when the F1.2 aperture is fully opened, and it is always sharp from the center to the edge. Using HOYA special nitrate material, excellent chromatic aberration, and dispersion control, no worries at full aperture.

27mm is equivalent to about 40mm in full frame, which is close to the angle of view of the human eye and is the gold standard focal length. It can be well used in urban photography, humanities, landscapes, and portrait photography. Open up the fun of photography and become a full-time master.

Fast and accurate autofocus is achieved with a quiet and highly responsive STM stepping motor.With excellent autofocus performance, every decisive moment can be captured accurately and reliably.

AF 27mm F1.2 Pro XF has a minimum focusing distance of only 0.28m and has excellent close-up capabilities. Pro-level ultra-high resolution, the details are clearly visible, not only retaining more details, but also with the superior F1.2 large aperture, the subject is effectively highlighted.

-Built-in high-grade dust-proof ring, effectively avoid dust

-Efficient splash-proof structure, no fear of complex environments

-Waterproof and antifouling coating on the front element.

Inherently superior large aperture brings greater light flux and the proficient autofocus system makes the breathing effect insignificant, allowing the creation to immerse itself in the story. Reliable video shooting ability, smart creation and focus on work.

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Customer Reviews

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Seth D.

Rocked the Viltrox 27mm 1.2 on my X-H2 all weekend at my local anime con. I have been pleased with it's performance taking pictures around the house, but didn't really get a chance to use it hard for lots of portraits until now.It really felt like the perfect length, I wasn't having any issues with not having enough room for full body shots, and didn't have to get weirdly close for half body (especially since I was using flash.) Most single person shots I took at 1.8 for max sharpness, and then duos at 2.8. Opened wider for some artsy detail shots or just if I needed more light.I am exceedingly pleased with it. Yes, it is a heavy and large lens, but for bodies like the X-H2/s, this feels completely natural and well balanced. I would also recommend this to X-T5 body owners as long as they are ok with it possibly feeling unbalanced.This lens has an incredible value to performance ratio. If you shoot portraits or often in low light, this (and it's 75mm brother) are almost mandatory to buy.

Jr W.

I own lots of more expensive lens than this one, this lens is as a great price point, I can't imagine it staying at this price point for long, go ahead and buy it


Amazing lens. Bokeh like butter. Great build quality. Sharp as a tack images. Yes, it's a bit heavy, but it's not crazy. Overall just a fabulous lens for the price.


This lens is bitingly sharp. It is noticeably sharper than the Fuji 33 f/1.4 with less chromatic aberration. I love the compression and the image quality of the 33, but this lens blends two lenses in one: the Fuji 23 and 33. An added bonus is the manual focusing. This is the best implementation of manual “focus by wire” of any x-mount lens I've tried. It's smooth and easy to control.Now the “cons”… it's bigger and heavier than both Fuji's (unless both of them are in your bag) but it's still well balanced on X-T+ bodies, the aperture ring is a little less satisfying, and vignetting is far more noticeable (although it's surprisingly tasteful).Believe the hype!

Mauricio Aspee
Great lens, super duper service.

Vitopal is my trusted place to purchase excellent products for my camera. Super fast shipping and great communication. This is my spot for future purchases. Thank you Vitopal. .