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TTArtisan AF 56mm F1.8 APS-C Large Aperture Lens

TTArtisan AF 56mm F1.8 APS-C Large Aperture Lens

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The annual masterpiece of Mingjiang Optical is the AF 56mm F1.8 large-aperture automatic lens compatible with Sony E-Mount mirrorless cameras . It not only has outstanding optical quality, but also has quiet and stable autofocus. The lens is lightweight and portable, giving you a smooth experience and allowing you to unleash your creativity at any time.

  • 【Well Optical Design】56mm F1.8 is designed with 10elements in 9groups optical structure, using ultra-low dispersion glass elements and high refractive lenses to help reduce purple fringing and improve clarity. Full metal body but light weight, easy and convenient to carry around.
  • 【STEPPER MOTOR】TTArtisan 56/1.8 lens adopts an "STM+lead screw type"structure, which provides quiet and fast autofocus to help capture the remarkable moments.
  • 【50mm Perfect Portrait Focal Length】50mm is equal to 84mm in full frame,which is a perfect focal length for portrait photography. Accurate and agile eye detection makes it easy to capture wonderful moments when taking photos,and helps to shoot smooth images when recording videos.
  • 【F1.8 LARGE APERTURE】F1.8 aperture allows more light to enter the camerawhich is beneficial for low-light photography.In additionthe large aperture brings objects in the foreground into focus and blurs the background.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bo Z.

Nowadays a good copy of Helio 44-2 is more expensive than this lens. I have 15+ those large aperture ~50mm vintage lenses adapted to my X-S10. I love the bokeh and character when take portraits and close up pictures of the nature. But sometimes I do need auto focus. This lens is just like that.Some pros and cons:- AF works fine on portrait distance, not good when near to the closest distance (50cm), need to manually focus when close to the subject- Color is much more saturated than most vintage lenses- Same size as a Helio with the adapter, but lighter- Very good build quality, and clean design. Looks very balanced and nice on the X-S10 body. Also not too big when put on x-e4Really enjoyed it so far.


The price point of this lens considering its an auto focus is unheard of. I am shooting with an a6700 and have the Sigma 16mm and 30mm but never grabbed the 56mm. I am glad I held off because this lens is amazingly cheap and fast for its price. It does not manage 1.4 so you are missing out on precious light on that asp-c sensor but functionally you get the best image at 2.2-2.4 anyway. The green fringing immediately goes away and you have a pin sharp image.Overall the image is crisp and the focus, though not as fast as some, is quick and easy. Focus breathing can occur but does not cause excessive hunting. Vignette was another item that can be bad on lower end lenses but this does not seem to suffer that same fate with good lighting.I would easily recommend this to anyone on a budget looking for a great lens at a phenomenal price.

J. Chan

This is a review for the TTArtisan AF 56mm F1.8 (e mount version): A nice value add to any photographer that is looking for a lightweight lens with that 1.8 goodness. Feels solid, though I notice that there isn't any weathersealing. There is a bit of focus breathing, though the autofocus is relatively smooth. I do appreciate that the firmware update usb thing integrated into the back cap.Lens is very sharp in the center, though soft in the corners, even when stopped down. No image stabilization in the lens itself, so something to keep in mind if you try to do video work with this.Overall, I think this is a good bang for your buck sort of lens, great for hobbyists who are looking for primes to fill in that value 50mm(ish) range with autofocus.


For the price, this lens is fantastic - especially for portraits. On an crop sensor camera, it's an 84mm focal length, and looks really great. ƒ1.8 gives beautiful bokeh. Build quality is much better than expected. Metal housing, and feels great in the hand. Very happy with this lens, especially for the affordable pricing. It's not native glass - but that's OK.

Dr. Ken King

Nice lens. I have a similar one I am happy with and this one measures up. Well Played! Dr. K. King