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Godox Lux Senior Retro Camera Flash

Godox Lux Senior Retro Camera Flash

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Compatible with FUJIFILM, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and Sony cameras, the Lux Senior Retro Camera Flash from Godox is a diminutive 7 x 4.5 x 3.3" light source with basic features and is small enough to have it regularly mounted on your camera.Lux SeniorCalled a "retro" flash, the unit has a simple dial that correlates ISO with apertures, power levels, and shooting distances. For example, if you want to shoot at 5' with an ISO of 400, the dial lines up f/5.6 and 1/16 power. The flash has an Auto Mode, too, that defaults to f/2.8 at ISO 100.Lux SeniorControl features include an Optical Mode that offers S1 and S2 settings. In S1 the flash will fire in response to another manual or TTL flash, while in S2 the Retro Flash will respond similarly, but ignore the initial flash. The unit runs on its rechargeable battery and comes with a triggering cable and a storage bag.Lux SeniorLux Senior

  • Professional Retro Flash: The Godox Lux Senior Camera Flash is Vintage and Professional, With 6000K ± 200K CCT,1/1-1/64 Flash power, S1/S2 optical control, Panel display, Hotshoe, and SYNC cable. etc.
  • Vintages in Use: The retro vibe of the Godox Lux Senior resonates more in use. Experiencing the classic way of photography with the fan-type silver reflector to shape the light and the flash bulb combining a vintage shape with new technology.
  • Two Ways of Light Control: Adopting the same operation method as Lux Junior, the Lux Senior Camera Flash also provides two ways of light control: the auto/manual flash mode. Select A mode to immerse yourself in the creating ideas, or M mode to enjoy the achievement of manual controlling
  • Bring It Wherever You Go: Folded, it’s like another phone you take with you. The Lux Senior brings you the inspiration of a great artwork every time you unfold it, Which is also can be part of your daily Outfit to create a different Nostalgia Glamour
  • Recreate the Nostalgia Glamour: With the Godox Lux Senior, creates the irreplaceable nostalgia glamour look with a simple click of the shutter button, and presents the original classic beauty of the ‘60s without adding any filter

Tech Specs

Model Lux Senior
GN (1/1 level) GN14(ISO100, in meters)
Lithium battery 3.7V 1700mAh
Input Parameter 5V ⎓ 2A
Flash power 7 levels: 1/1-1/64
CCT 6000K ± 200K
Focal length 28mm (fixed value)
Optical flash S1 optical control / S2 optical control
Recycle time (Max. level) <3S
SYNC Hotshoe, SYNC cable
Dimension 84mm*114mm*176mm
Net weight 227g

Packing List

  • 1* Retro Camera Flash
  • 1* Storage Bag
  • 1* Charging Cable
  • 1* Triggering Cable
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Customer Reviews

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Monserrat Skiles

 The Lux Senior is a throwback that looks a lot like the 'flash gun' my dad had for his old Exacta when I was a lad. It's tall, so it gets the flash high off the lens axis (less redeye), the reflector is much larger than a typical fresnel speedlite head, so you get a bit softer light (great for people photos), and it's powerful enough for snapshots, indoor party pics, balanced fill flash for outdoor portraits, etc. Check out the video review for more info!

Tatum Hane

What a fun little flash, and it was a breeze to use. There are many things to love about this flash, expecially if you are a fan of retro or film gear. Who is this flash for? This is for shooters who want something different other than your standard speedlight that will give you a unique retro look to your photos. Since this flash reuires some advanced knowledge of the exposure triangle, it may not be the best beginner flash, since you have to know maunal camera settings.I enjoyed shooting this little flash and liked how small and compact it was. The flash folds down and doesn't take up much room, charging is easy too with any usb C charger. I plan on leaving this flash in my camera bag, since it does not require batteries or take up a lot of room.The flash performed better than expected when filling on shadows and since this is a bare bulb flash it puts out a lot of light! I would suggest this flash for street photography during the day when lots of directional light is needed, and will give you a look similiar to a beauty dish.You can adjust the output setting or add other accessories to soften the light. When feeling the flash bulb, I never felt any hot temps from the bulb. The auto mode works great and it give you the camera setting to get a proper exposure, that's very helpful! I used the Manual mode and was easy to dial in exposure using the guide on the back.For off camera flash shooters, you will need a seperate trigger to use this flash, as their is not a trigger built in like the other GODOX flashed like the V1. You can also use the flash as a slave, and just switch it to S mode.Overall I highly recommend this flash and it will be staying in my bag for all my shoots.