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Viltrox AF 16mm F1.8 FE Full Frame Large Aperture Ultra Wide Angle Lens

Viltrox AF 16mm F1.8 FE Full Frame Large Aperture Ultra Wide Angle Lens

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Viltrox 16mm F1.8 FE is a full-frame wide-angle autofocus lens with large aperture, expand a wider viewing angle with full-frame. 16mm ultra-wide-angle and F1.8 ultra-large aperture to maintain excellent autofocus performance.

12 Groups of 15 optical elements, built-in three aspherical lenses, ultra-high resolution, wide viewing range, the details of the picture in the surrounding area are also vivid. High-definition nano-multilayer coating, 4 ED lenses, effectively control dispersion, ghosting, and glare.

9 Aperture blades, F1.8 large aperture brings beautiful bokeh for super wide-angle. In low-light environment shooting, you can use higher shutter speed and lower index iso.

Quiet STM stepping motor, providing high driving force for precise autofocus and tracking, supporting face and eyes focus recognition.

Lens information color screen: display lens information, including LCD/RGB/ips/160*80 resolution

-16mm focal length,F1.8 large aperture.
-Optical construction of 15 elements in 12 groups,including 4 ED lenses and 3 aspheric lenses.
-HD Nano multilayer coating with water-resistant and antifouling coating.
-Electronic aperture,internal focus,constant lens length.
-Noiseless STM focus motor.
-Precision metal structure. Dust-proof

AF 16mm F1.8 reproduces fine picture details with a breakthrough ultra-wide viewing angle. Ultra-high resolution takes image quality to a new level.

Under the ultra-wide viewing angle, the large aperture of F1.8 can also achieve an extremely shallow depth of field, bringing admirable and beautiful bokeh, creating an artistic perspective and a sense of spatial compression. Smooth transition between sharp in-focus and soft out-of-focus.

AF 16mm F1.8 FE has the unique advantages of Landscape/Astrophotography, full-frame high-definition and high-quality images. 3 aspheric lenses, accurately reproduce point light sources, and effectively suppress coma.

VILTROX STM stepping motor autofocus performance has reached a higher level, providing the powerful driving force required for precise focusing and tracking, supporting eye focus, face focus, etc. Achieve more efficient and stable autofocus.

The quiet STM stepping motor provides the high driving force required for precise autofocus and tracking, and supports the focus recognition of the face and eyes.

STM stepping motor, the breathing effect is negligible, and the focus is switched smoothly, meeting the shooting needs of photographers and video creators

There is no need to put down the camera to readjust when shooting, and the damping of the aperture ring is smooth and soft, so there is no need to worry about accidental touch.

Creatively add lens information color screen, CLICK aperture ring switch, custom buttons and other digital intelligent and efficient control design.

The lens adopts non-bulb design , so that users don't have to worry about filter solutions, and neither have to worry about whether the lens will be scratched when shooting close-ups.

The lens adopts a dust-proof structure design, and up to 6 dust-proof protections are added, which can well reduce the probability of dust ingress under various environmental conditions.

15 elements in 12 groups, with three built-in aspheric lenses. High-definition nano-multilayer coating, 4 ED lenses, effectively control dispersion, ghost and glare.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John Restless
16mm viltrox 1.8

Lense is amazing love the sharpness the built quality is amazing a little bit on the heavy side but over all well product great investment love the prices given by vitopal wish it was a bit cheaper but I was amazed on how it captures the images


Lovely image quality. The aperture ring is very satisfying, you also can set the aperture to "A" and then the camera controls it like any other lens. This lens is surprisingly awesome. It's probably not possible to make it lighter than they did, but that's my only downside.

Muhan Zhang
It's a amzing

The lens is great and Vitopal did a great job of shipping!


I can't say I have another wide angle to compare this to (because I don't) but I can say I am pretty pleased with the results. Interesting POV with this lens and pretty sharp. Vignetting seems to be gone by 2.8 so still pretty fast if that is a factor in your photography. When zooming you don't start to lose detail until you zoom to about 400%. Good purchase (still need to put it through its paces with astrophotography).

Mauricio Aspee
Excellent lens, fast shipping and trusted seller.

Super fast shipping and an excellent value product. I couldn''t ask for better.