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Viltrox AF 85mm F1.8 Lente de fotograma completo para cámara sin espejo Nikon Z

Viltrox AF 85mm F1.8 Lente de fotograma completo para cámara sin espejo Nikon Z

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La lente Viltrox de 85 mm F1.8 con montura Z es una lente gran angular con enfoque automático de fotograma completo diseñada para modelos de cámaras sin espejo con montura Z de Nikon, incluidas Nikon Z5, Z50, Z6, Z6II, Z7, Z7II. Su peso relativamente ligero, su rápida velocidad y su amplia apertura también lo convierten en un magnífico objetivo para eventos. Por lo tanto, definitivamente es bueno para capturar bellos retratos, primeros planos, fotografías de paisajes y calles, etc. viltrox 85mmZviltrox 85mmZ

  • La distancia focal principal con longitud de retrato está diseñada para cámaras sin espejo Nikon con montura Z de formato FX; sin embargo, también se puede usar con modelos DX donde proporciona una distancia focal equivalente a 127,5 mm.
  • La brillante apertura máxima de f/1.8 beneficia el trabajo en condiciones de iluminación difíciles y también ofrece un gran control sobre la posición de enfoque cuando se utilizan técnicas de poca profundidad de campo.
  • El motor de enfoque automático STM ofrece un rendimiento de enfoque silencioso y preciso junto con una distancia mínima de enfoque de 2,6'.
  • Los contactos electrónicos transmiten datos Exif y permiten la selección de apertura basada en la cámara. Además, un puerto USB integrado permite actualizar el firmware de la lente.
  • El diafragma de nueve hojas contribuye a una agradable calidad bokeh. El parasol incluido protege el elemento frontal de la luz parásita que causa destellos y también ofrece protección física adicional.

viltrox 85mmZviltrox 85mmZviltrox 85mmZviltrox 85mmZviltrox 85mmZviltrox 85mmZviltrox 85mmZviltrox 85mmZviltrox 85mmZviltrox 85mmZviltrox 85mmZviltrox 85mmZLista de compatibles con viltrox 85mmZ

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Customer Reviews

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Aylin Gleichner

This is the second Viltrox lens I've grabbed for my Z50 and both of them have been great additions . I purchased this one specifically to photograph low-light live music events and it has performed great in that capacity. Auto focus performance seems on par with the Z50 kit lenses and the shallow depth of field and light gathering at f1.8 is fantastic (as expected). It has also been surprisingly useful in capturing candid people shots since you don't have to be quite so up-in-their-face and you get the awesome blurred background without iPhone portrait mode artifacts.One thing to keep in mind: this is a rather large bit of glass. It's a full frame lens which means it naturally needs to be larger than an APS-only lense. Plus its telephoto and f1.8, which also requires a good bit of size. This is not a lens I would drag around for casual shooting -- the kit lenses are great for that and very small and lightweight. But that's not the point of of this lens; the point is allowing your Z50 to take some spectacular pics under specific circumstances and at that it excels. Just be prepared for attaching a thing that weighs almost 2x as much as your camera body :)Fwiw, the other Viltrox lens I have is their 23mm f1.4 APS lens. It's about the size and weight of the Z50 kit telephoto (maybe just a little bit heavier) and does a great job as well if you need wide angle and large f-stop

John Byaruhanga

Not as sharp as a G Master lens from Sony, but it gets the job done. I want to give this lens 5 stars but the aperture ring squeaks. And that's incredible off-putting.

Helen Richards

Very good lens for the cost, sharp images and very nice to operate on the Nikon Z5

Tebogo Delport

Perfect Lens for everyday

Pat Wiegand

I love this lens if I'm just shooting outdoors but indoors inlower light it isn't that great. Also it isn't a full frame lens so the resolution isn't as good.