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Aparo A1 Pixel LED Light Panel 10W RGBWW Portable light

Aparo A1 Pixel LED Light Panel 10W RGBWW Portable light

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Aparo A1 Pixel Led Light seamlessly blends aesthetics with its functionality. With 10W power, the A1 delivers efficient and powerful lighting, offering a spec-trum from 2000K to 20000K wide color temperature, ensuring that your space is bathed in the perfect hue for any occasion.

  • 🏆【Portable Pocket RGB Camera Light】2000K-20000K, CRI 97+ TLCI 96+ Full Color Portable Photography Lighting,easy to install
  • 🏆 【Pixel Video Lights Control Provide More Lighting Effects】37 Lighting Effects,achieving centimeter level control of light,Dimmable Brightness 0 to 100%
  • 🏆 【Photography Lighting Kit Multiple Control Methods】On board, Desal Lite + App Control
  • 🏆 【Dual Charging Mode】 Aparo A1 support wireless charging and type-C port charging, 7.4V 2050mA Batery capacity
  • 🏆 【Softer and Brighter】Aparo A1 Pixel come with the honeycomb grid and softbox, more lighting control options.
  • 🏆 【Three-sided Magnetic Design】Support Magnetic Attraction can be placed and operated virtually anywhere.
  • 🏆 【Multiple Mounting 】Its lightweight body can be mounted anywhere for quick lighting solutions with its rear-mounted magnets and ¼-20in mounting arm that can be attached to the included cold shoe ball head.

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Customer Reviews

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As a videographer I'm always looking for new lights to add to my collectionThis light is compact and lightweight. Super easy to carry and mount on camera without much added weight.Intuitive menu that once you understand is easy to navigate.What really sets this light apart is thr pixel mapping! I love this. The app allows you to pixel map the LEDs so you can have color design which is pretty awesome. First time using a light that allows thatIt's built well and has a bright output for a small device.Comes with a diffuser and egg crate diffuser as well. Nice little carry pouch.Definitely recommended!


This is a good light with the unique ability to set precise RGB colors. When I shoot videos associated with a company, I can set an exact RGB color (0-255, 0-255, 0-255) so that the lighting will match the branding. While the color isn't as exact as pixels on a computer monitor, it is close enough to really enhance a video.The light is not overly big, and not overly bright, but since I am not using it as a key light, it is fine that it's not super bright.The display and controls are great and easy to use and it comes with a 1/4" hole for mounting on a tripod or light stand.It comes with a diffuser and a grid cover, but you can't use both at the same time -- well you can try but then you can't easily get at the buttons.Overall, while it is on the expensive side, the fact that you can be precise with color selection may make it worthwhile to you.

Don in 5 Reviews

This is a great light with a ton of features. It has different brightness levels, scenes, and rgb patterns. I wish it was a bit brighter but for the size it's adequate. The rubber light modifiers are a pain to put on and stretch easy.