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7Artisans 7.5mm F2.8 II Fisheye Ultra Wide-Angle APS-C Lens

7Artisans 7.5mm F2.8 II Fisheye Ultra Wide-Angle APS-C Lens

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With an expansive 190° angle of view, the 7.5mm f2.8 II Fisheye Lens for FUJIFILM X from 7artisans is an all-manual lens capable of producing unique perspectives and creative distortions. The lens's f/2.8 maximum aperture benefits working in a variety of lighting conditions while maintaining a small and lightweight form factor for handheld shooting. The optimized 11-element, 9-group features a higher refractive index is used in the front glass group, while the rear group of optical glass is crafted from HOYA ED glass, which effectively reduces chromatic aberration, while improving image quality when compared to the original lens design. Multi-layer coatings have been applied to individual glass elements to suppress flare and ghosting for improved contrast and color fidelity when working in strong lighting conditions. The lens has an all-metal body and features a built-in petal-shaped lens hood to help reduce flare while protecting the front element.

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Customer Reviews

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Veit Seeger

Nachdem mir kein Samyang-Objektiv mehr ins Haus kommt, weil es bei drei verschiedenen Versionen unmöglich war ein scharfes Ergebnis zu erzielen, suchte ich nach Alternativen.Ein TTartisans hab ich für meine Canon EOS RP und ein 7artisans für meine Sony alpha 6000. Beide Objektive sind top verarbeitet.Dieses jetzt ist für meine Canon m100, welches eine Wahnsinnskamera ist und ich habe wahrlich schon viele Kameras in Händen gehabt.Aber zum Objektiv: Sehr hochwertige Verarbeitung, fast schon zu schwer an der kleinen m100, aber Qualität geht vor. Scharfstellen ist kein Problem und die Ergebnisse finde ich richtig toll.Ich finde, dass man ein solch Objektiv unbedingt braucht, da es die Kreativität beflügelt und man sich schon bisschen überlegen muss, welches Motiv funktioniert und welches nicht.Ich kann diese Marke zu 100 Prozent empfehlen. Und der Preis ist wirklich ein absolutes Kaufargument. 149 Euro für Fotos, die sich durchaus aus der Masse abheben (können).

Dave Fourie

Its bright and a greater value than expected. Pictures seem sharp all around

Lorenza Kuvalis

Muy compacto y con un material resistente. Solo hay que encontrar o calcular la distancia exacta para el objeto a enfocar.

Damilola Gbogboade

7 Artisans makes some very fine quality lenses especially at the price. This lens is no exception.. Solid build, all metal construction, light weight and a nice balance on my smaller Olympus M5 Mk III (also nice on my M1 Mk III).It has a quality Metal Lens Cover. There is a small built in lens hood but be warned, being a fisheye the front on the lens the typical "bulge" curvature so you can't add a filter and you want to handle it with care which I do with all of my lenses.Very easy to focus but for a manual Fisheye unless you are shooting closeup they all focus very easily. To make things easier you can use Focus Peaking on you camera for even more accurate results. f stop and focus rings are very smooth. The f stop is NOT a click type but it really does not matter as it's cleary marked for all of the normal f stops.Color capture is also very good and quite accuarate.Also note: this is not a "Circular" fisheye but a linear one so you will not get the Round Fisheye effect (for that look at a MEIKE or other brand). The effect here is a super wide "curved" looked which will be accentuated when shooting certain scenes like Architecture, Interiors and subjects that portray straight lines such as trees, bridges, etc.A quick note: there is a version II of this lens, which I tested and it is not any sharper or better IMO, and it only stops down to f16 where as this version has an f22 which in pratice means that at f16 this lens will perform better.I only included one quick test shot, straight from the camera with this review so you can see the quality.If you want a quality, low cost FishEye type of lens you can not go wrong with this 7Artisans 7.5

Rodney Strydom

I'm not professional photographer, just an enthusiastic amateur. But this lens, for the price, has more than satisfied my needs. It gave me an introduction to wide-angle and astrophotography, that I needed it to get to comfortable with before I upgraded. Great first wide angle lens.